Artwork Feature: 'The Paper Painter' Play on Words

I’ve decided I wanted to create a couple of different paper sculptures using the same theme — art supplies.

For this paper sculpture of art supplies, I decided to show the art supplies in all white-with only the background of the paper sculpture painted. I rarely make a completely all white paper sculpture. I’ve only ever made one completely all white paper sculpture which was a flower with a bee.

I don’t know why, but for some reason, I like making these little tiny tubes of paint. They’re featured in my art studio habitat, other designs I’ve done, like “Paint Supplies!” and now this piece. I especially like the way the paint tubes and paint tray turned out in this one, all made out of paper.

The title of this paper sculpture, “The Paper Painter,” is a play on words, describing what I do: I sculpt out of paper and then I paint it.