Creature Feature: Bringing a Hungry Bear to Life Using Only Paper and Paint

This furry bear is a proud fisher bear showing off his catch — a big salmon! I’ve always liked animals and I like to draw, paint and now make paper-sculpted animals. I especially like the challenge of creating life-like furry animals. When I was trying to decide which animal I should make next, a bear came to mind. Why a bear you might ask?

I’ve always liked bears, including stuffed bears and cute bear knick-knacks that I have throughout my house and some bear jewelry too. All of these items remind me of my family members who gifted them to me. There is also a favorite little story book about a teddy bear I used to read to my children and now my grandchild. Plus as a mom, there’ve often been times when I feel like a mama bear trying to protect her baby cubs. 

I’ve also had some real-life inspiration for my bear paper sculpture, including a trip to Alaska and an encounter closer to home. Once, a bear walked right through my property. Even though I lived in a more rural area of the country, it was not common to see a bear where I was living in at the time. Though I missed the bear sighting, it was reported to us later by a neighbor. Though I would liked to have seen the bear, that may have been a little too close from comfort. 

For this paper sculpture design, which I titledBeary Good Catch,” I created a little cinnamon bear cub, similar to ones you might see in Alaska, fishing for salmon. I also wanted him to be bringing home one of those tasty salmon — a cub showing his mama bear his prize fish. And, I imagine she is a very proud mama bear!