Why Norman Rockwell Is a Major Influence on My Artwork Goals

One of the many things that I like about Norman Rockwell’s work is the subject matter. He depicted images of children playing — happy, pleasant scenes that often used humor within the illustrations to create images of an idyllic childhood.

Even though these scenes were most likely not what most people experienced growing up, it was certainly what people wished it was like or hoped it could be like. His illustrations make me feel happy and I imagine that his illustrations brought happiness to many people, even if only for a few minutes.

Of course I also like the character he was able to bring out in his models and the expressions on their faces. He was a master illustrator and had the ability to bring life into the characters he painted in his artwork.

Influenced by Norman Rockwell, I hope to be able to bring joy to people when they are viewing my art. My hope is that it will make them feel happy and hopefully make them smile. I like when someone looks at my paper sculptures and wonders, “How did she make that?” It creates a sense of fun.

Whether I am working on another Can You Find? hidden object puzzle or another paper sculpture illustration, one of my goals for my art is to make people happy and to create art that even your grandmother can view. Norman Rockwell is just one of many illustrators that has influenced the type of art that I want to create.