Transforming 'My Studio' Into a Lifelike Habitat

I’ve been working on a design concept for a series 3D paper sculptures around habitats, a detailed representation of real-life environments made only out of paper and painted with watercolor and gouache.  

The first habitat I’ve decided to sculpt is… me! Or I should say the place where I can be found 8, 10, 12 hours most days of the week — in my studio. Here’s how I made an exact replica of my desk completely out of paper.  

To make my personal habitat, I started by making my desk and chair and then added in the accessories. There are a lot of accessories. “My Studio” is a representation of my art desk — pencils, paper and paints. It is also representing a part of me, much like my art. So, in this first habitat, the items are both literally on my desk or representative of my life.  

For example, when I am working on a paper sculpture, you will find me surrounded by books that I use for reference materials. In “My Studio, you’ll see stacks of books but they’re made-up titles and images that have a special meaning or are symbolic to me.

Then there are the clay containers of brushes, pencils and markers. My sketchbook, scissors, rulers and pencils are always nearby my desk too. Mini tubes of paint, brushes and even my little kitten are on top of and surrounding my desk and are all hand-sculpted out of paper. And, of course, don’t forget the paint trays. These are just my basics.

On the shelves next to my desk I have dark brown handmade clay containers, the ones I made in a pottery class during my college days. They hold markers, pencils and miscellaneous items too. Of course, there a few favorite family photos, drawings and mementos nearby as well.

Did I mention the pinwheels? My studio would not be complete without a couple pinwheels. I have a yellow wind-up pinwheel pen, a personal favorite, and a vase or two on shelves nearby filled with pinwheels in bright colors.  

Why pinwheels, you ask? I don’t know — they just make me happy because they are colorful and whimsical. (Everyone starts laughing when I bring out my yellow wind-up pinwheel pen and start writing.) I just have a few represented in the “My Studio” paper sculpture.

If you look closely, you might also notice there’s another miniature desk and chair in “My Studio” to represent the habitat I was creating.

Now that you’ve seen close-up photos of the parts and pieces of my paper sculpture habitat, “My Studio,” here is a final look of the completed piece — complete with the artist in her studio.